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Posted by Arna on June 8, 2012 at 10:55 AM


Workshop 5

Big Spirit for Schools

Our discussion was brief today, focusing on the Australian Indigenous Walkabout tradition.

The children had once again no former knowledge of ‘Walkabout’ and why it might be of importance to Aboriginal people.

We talked about the natural environment and Indigenous spiritual connection to it.

We pondered on ‘why’ one might choose to go ‘walkabout’.

The children offered insight,

‘Maybe it is quiet in the bush and you can hear what goes on in your mind’

We took the discussion further on an emotional awareness level, with the question; Why might we want to hear what is going on in our mind?

'To get to know our selves better and make decisions that are better for us as individuals ‘cause we are all different.’

We talked about RESPECT and how respect for our world, our environment can grow when we spend time in it, marvelling at the beautiful things to be seen there.

We discussed how Indigenous culture and traditions such as ‘walkabout’ have a lot to teach us about getting to know our spirit and feeling connected to The Earth.

We went on a small walkabout around the school, each child took a turn to be leader of the line, there was no talking simply feeling our bare feet on the earth and listening to the wind in the tree’s.

We then painted an amazing 3 metre picture and left our painted footprints and cut out feet around the border.

The children smiled all the way through this workshop. I sense that the experiential nature of this session planted little emotional seeds that will sprout beautifully in years to come!

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