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Feeling Stuck?

Posted by Arna on July 2, 2014 at 9:10 PM

Those stuck feelings, urghhhh, like that dream where your legs are too heavy to run, yet you MUST get away, only it’s not a dream, it is your life. I remember after my 6th child Daisy was born, feeling as though I was deep in mud, expected to care for all these little people I had brought into the world. I was in an emotionally charged fog and I think, looking back, if I had gone to a doctor they would have diagnosed PND. There was definitely depression and what seemed like a missing ingredient for an otherwise healthy, happy life, unfortunately I had no true idea of what that ingredient might be. I dearly wanted to lash out in blame but whatever was wrong it wasn’t something anyone else could fix. Little did I know that this feeling of ‘stuck’ was like a big hump just before momentum kicks in and things start to roll, it was my intuition pushing me to see things in a new and necessary way and the dark, weighty feeling I was experiencing was my well practiced resistance to change. We all deal with the intensity and discomfort of resistance differently, for me there is usually shouting involved, especially at that time in my life. Unusually though, instead of yelling at my husband or externalising my discomfort in some other way, I found myself lying around engrossed in the pain and seeking help from all sorts. One of my sojourns into desperate seeking led me to a Reiki Master who proceeded to take me through the levels of Reiki awakening. Each level brought on more clearing (and emotional pain) until one day I found myself on a mountain-top screaming at the universe. I AM WILLING TO CHANGE AND BE FREE, I AM WILLING TO CHANGE AND BE FREE…I screamed until my throat was raw and my heavy chest, finally empty. This was possibly the strongest, most profound intention I have ever made and OH MY GODDESS it worked! It was after that statement that things began to move swiftly for me, I went through months of intense awakening experiences and my external life took on a whole new character. I was changing rapidly and my life reflected this. There was so much power now and once I was able to get my bearings I felt renewed and had the strength to cope with whatever came next. Throughout my life since, I have learned to recognise the ’stuck’ feeling and acknowledge that I am resisting change, change that I have asked for, that I am on some level ready to allow. Now when I feel stuck I know it is time to soften and acknowledge my physical world and step up to the plate for the next exciting chapter of this every changing, endlessly fascinating life. My advice to anyone feeling stuck, must be, relax your body and embrace the change it is leading you somewhere warm, whole and wonderful.

Whether a parent, educator or neither, these stuck times can come out of nowhere and affect our lives if you need some help please contact me,



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