The I AM Program

Bringing Emotional Intelligence Education To Your Community for a Bright and Sustainable Future

Endorsements and Testimonials

Professional Endorsements for the I AM Program

"This well considered, insightful and comprehensive program for building self-esteem in children, fills a critical gap in our school's resources." Nikki Oughton BA, BA Hons (Psych) Registered Psychologist

'The I AM Program addresses childhood empowerment at the core, going beneath social/cultural difference to expose the unifying attributes of humanity- a valuable and inspiring text for educators that wish to make a difference!' Andrew-James Williams- National Co-ordinator Aboriginal Mental Health First Aid

“I AM Inspiration is BRILLIANT for developing all important intelligences, namely intra and inter personal skills, supporting the development of the moral, spiritual and social child.” Connie Berquist Family Day-Care Educator of 13yrs

“I AM Program is a great way to help kids like I was… in need of greater love and self-esteem so I could make better choices. My choices as a child and teenager were awful. I support the mission of this Program and maybe you should to.”

Bestselling author of  ‘The Millionaire Mindset’

 Gerry Robert

“Tremendous people doing tremendous work to make our future a better place”

Andrea Szabo

Founder, Mentor & Facilitator of Authentic Self – Personal Development Programs

 KIDS SAID........ 

 'I made a fish painting!!' Teagan

'I love EVERYTHING  I did' Tanah

'I liked the painting! It looked amazing. And I liked the crazy painting' Isabella

'I loved the painting I did. It looked so pretty. I liked the painting so much. It is a Rainbow!' Zoe

' It was FUN. I liked the painting with the blue and green.' Ava

  'I think Arna is a very good, very passionate person and should teach lots of kids. Her art is good and pretty and she is very detailed with her work. She gives good ideas and tries to do her best of explaining things to make them sound easy. So in my opinion she rules.' Jack Roworth aged 10

'I liked making the clay feelings and I liked painting.' love from Georgia

'I am absolutely AWESOME just because I am me' Daisy 

 'I liked it today because I did painting! I am six' Meg

'I enjoyed doing the book! I had a fun day I will never forget this day!! BE YOURSELF!! I AM, GO ART!! best day ever! Sian

' I thought the workshop was great and I loved the fun, the book, the painting and the messiness!!! I had a great day at the workshop.'  Amy. C 

'It was the most fun ever, the painting was the funnest!' Shaleyce 

"I thought it was good fun. My favourite part was the painting!' Livie

'I loved the painting'  Toby

'Everything was COOL!' Ellie

'I loved playing on the magic rock, and I loved doing the art. Arna is COOL!' Henry

'GOOD!' Juliet

 'I AM HAPPY!' Ebony

'GOOD and FUN!!' Tanah 


'I had a great time, I LOVE ART' Ciara

What Educators and Parents had to say about The I AM Program

 'I noticed Kasper stopped and listened intently when Arna read the story, 'I am a STORM', identifying with his own storms. My beloved redhead.' Kasper's mum

'It was a great workshop!! Fun,messy and thought provoking!! Charm- I AM Workshop Mum

‘...I spoke to the school headmaster about the bullying and they did sought it all out and she does seem to have a good time at school now but was definitely having a terrible time before and I am grateful for all of that coming out through the ‘I AM’ class it was amazingly helpful...’  I AM Workshop Mum

‘...We have had some emotional times since the class it has bought up a lot amazing really......I have been made a lot more aware of how sensitive my little one is...Thanks.’     Liliana-I AM Workshop Mum

‘I noticed Kasper stopped and listened intently when Arna read the story, ‘I AM A Storm’, identifying with his own storms- my beloved redhead.’ Kasper’s Mum

Juliet returned home beaming with pride for her art. Most importantly, you taught her to look within and express herself through art making......Angela Hackett. Teacher at Terranora Primary School 

‘.....Arna has been helping our students prepare artworks to be sent over to Peru...Arna worked with all age groups and taught them techniques with a variety of media. The whole school produced a large canvas of excellent quality, which is now in a school in Peru...’ Cross Cultures Workshop

“very well presented. Great information and techniques. Encouraging learning new ways to use virtues.”  Aspley Early Learning Centre.


“it gave me a better insight into how using words can help to improve behaviour and feelings of worth.” Carindale Childcare centre


“Very informative and fun involved.” Carindale Child Care Centre.